Everything you need to know about Quikky Games and the makers


 Broadway Market Stand 2007

Quikky Games are two brothers who started designing games of all sorts, indoors and out towards the end of the 90s.

Sadly our original offerings did not appeal to the wholesalers so we rested for a while before giving it another go in 2005 using plastic boxes before the tin ones you can buy today.

This time we did plenty of research and testing, not least standing in the cold at Broadway Market at risk of any criticism from buyers of the previous weeks.

We also had an Ebay Shop following on from our successful Ebay auctioning of the games, which also brought in some encouraging comments from satisfied customers.

After a short hiatus during which we failed to find partners to develop the potential of the business we are now back in action ready for the festive period 2013 with a variety of new games as well as revamps of old ones:

Pokket games are now generally for 1 or 2 players

Slim games are now generally for 4 or more players

This explains the price difference, whilst the slight increase in the price itself is sadly due to increased costs of the materials required to produce the games.


 QUIKKY is a trade mark of AMPM Promotions Ltd

All Quikky Games are the copyright of AMPM Promotions Ltd 


 Live development of our new Petanque game

 Tony as Cyclist

 Summer Fair Stand 2007
Follow the production process from initial sketch to wrapping